Origins of German Nazism

Editor’s note: Strong German capitalism, “crowd theory”, elite organizations were all a factor in giving birth to Nazism. But why was Hitler supported so much? Why did the ideas of Nazism were accepted in the first place? Because much was boiling in Europe and Germany in particular at that time, just like much is boiling in Europe today. Hitler was not the first spawn of that boiling “soup”, but he “stood on the shoulders of giants”. The first terrorist army in world, ISIS, isn’t the first terrorist organization in the Near East, but it stood on the shoulders of giants. The real XXI century fascism in Europe did not rise yet, but the giants are already here. The mutated capitalism which is destroying nation states for the sake of a single global state is here. Bandera Nazi Kiev junta in Ukraine, the first fascist government in modern-day Europe, is here (the following articles deal with Bandera Nazism in detail). And there is no doubt that Hitler, Bandera and other Nazis will be cleared of all charges after communism will be condemned. Because if communism is the absolute evil, then someone who fought it becomes a hero.

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