Kiev junta expresses solidarity with radical Islamists

07.10.2015, Kiev.

Anton Gerashenko, the adviser to Kiev junta’s Minister of the Interior, proposed to publish online all available personal information and photos of Russian Aerospace Forces servicemen who participate in the operation against the extremist “Islamic State” organization (Organization banned in Russia) in Syria. This, according to Gerashenko, must help “Islamic State” (Organization banned in Russia) militants and their “brothers” in Russia to retaliate “according to Sharia law” for bombing ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) in Syria.

“Peacekeeper” website where the information is supposed to be published in the future was presented by Gerashenko in early 2015. The website accumulates data on “terrorists and separatists”. The personal information of journalist Oles Buzina and ex-MP Oleg Kalashnikov who were murdered in April was published on the website.


Source: RIA Novosti

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