Vladimir Putin: Coup in Ukraine was provoked from outside

29.09.2015, New York.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said to the UN General Assembly is certain that only full implementation of Minsk Agreements, with consideration of what Donbass residents want, can secure the unity of Ukraine.

We are convinced – the bloodshed can be stopped and the way out of the dead-end can be found only in case of full, responsible implementation of February 12, 2015 Minsk Agreements. Unity of Ukraine cannot be secured by threats or weapons,” Putin said.

According to him, “the interests and rights of people in Donbass, respect towards their choice and coordination with them, the key elements of political system of the government need to be taken into consideration – just like it is said in the Minsk Agreements.” “This is the condition under which Ukraine will develop as a civilized state, as the most important link in building the common space of security and economic cooperation both in Europe and Eurasia,” Putin concluded.

Talking on the events in Ukraine, Russian President emphasized that the armed coup in the country was provoked by outside forces. “A civil war broke out as a result,” Putin stated.


Source: RT

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