Nationalist party leader is afraid of former "Berkut" police officers revenge

26.09.2015, Kiev.

The leader of the nationalistic “Svoboda” party Oleg Tyagnibok complains that his party’s members are being “repressed” and  raided by masked men all over Ukraine. He thinks that the former “Berkut” special police force members are responsible and, having undergone re-attestation, might “make revenge upon the maidan crazies”.

He wrote on his Facebook page: “Former ‘Berkut’ members boast that they have undergone re-attestation. Speaking in private they don’t try to conceal the joy that they can finally have their revenge upon the “maidan crazies”. They say, “How do you do? Did the changing of government go well?”


Source: RT


“Berkut” members were guarding the peace of Kiev residents when the “Euromaidan” broke out. “Berkut” police officers were ordered not to intervene and let the protest continue. At the same time, gangs of radical nationalists and Bandera Nazis, including “Svoboda” and “Right Sector“, were hiding behind the backs of maidan protesters. Though relatively small in number, they were the force that radicalized the “Euromaidan” by constantly attacking “Berkut” police officers with petrol bombs and melee weapons. “Berkut” was ordered not to use force against them and, as a result, the Nazis could attack them as they desired. According to Ukrainian data, 20 “Berkut” officers were murdered, 1270 were wounded, 150 of them had gunshot wounds.

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