Kiev junta: Two "Right Sector" Mukachevo shootout participants die in a car crash

15.09.2015, Dnepropetrovsk.

Kiev junta’s appointed Zakarpatye oblast head Gennady Moskal’s public affairs office quickly reacted to the deaths of members of neo-NaziRight Sector” organization in Dnepropetrovsk.

The car withRight Sector” members who, according to further examination, were drunk, crashed into a military vehicle with soldiers of the military base 1402. Two soldiers from that unit died on the spot in the car accident. One representative of the Right Sector died as well, another was seriously injured.

Moskal notes that the deceased “Right Sector” representative was buried as an unidentified person, the injured one was taken to the Dnepropetrovsk Mechnikov hospital under an assumed name as a resident of the Rovno region. On the same day the wounded soldier died of his injuries.

The governor said the name of the deceased Koposovich Roman, born in 1989. He lived in Zbiny village, Volovetsky region, Zakarpatye oblast.

The identity of the other representative of the Right Sector, who was killed in the car crash and was buried as an unknown, is being investigated by junta’s law enforcement agencies.

Moskal’s public affairs office has informed that, as it “turned out later”, both “Right Sector” members took part in the Mukachevo shootout on July 11 and were hiding from the police in Dnepropetrovsk region.

On July 11 “Right Sector” Nazis clashed with local police, fired small arms and grenade launchers. Three people were killed, 13 were wounded. Later ten “Right Sector” Nazis retreated to a nearby forest and refused to lay down arms unless their leader orders them to do so. The leader, Dmitry Yarosh, arrived on the site, but did not issue any such order. Most of the Nazis were later arrested as a result of a law enforcement operation, yet several went into hiding.

Spiegel newspaper called the events in Mukachevo a rehearsal of an uprising against the Kiev junta.



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