Protests in Kishinev continue, the tent camp is growing

09.09.2015, Kishinev.

The protests against the current government in Kishinev continue for the fourth day in a row and are growing. The tent camp next to the government building has grew over the night and now includes up to 250 tents. Sympathizers bring food and hot drinks to the protesters. The participants intent to protest until the authorities comply with the demands of the DA (“Dignity and Truth”) civil platform.

The head of the press center of the rally, Andrey Nastase, declared that the President of the country Nikolay Timofti has made a big mistake when he refused a dialogue with the protesters contact group.

The authorities are outlaws from this day on. Now everybody knows we don’t have a president, a primer-minister and a speaker. Everybody knows these are just puppets! We are a great power together. We will protest on, fight for the resignation of the government, for early parliamentary elections and an elections of the new head of the country through nation-wide voting.

The vice-Chairman of the Democratic Party Vlad Plakhotnyuk has joined the protesters. He has joined the demands for early parliamentary elections. The following statement appeared on the politician’s Facebook page:

Any political destabilization would be a disaster for Moldova now. But we must not forget that early elections can always be an option if the majority of the population wishes it, if the citizens have an alternative to the acting government and they want to change it before its term ends, even several months after two election campaigns.

He has noted that “when the elections will take place we will all have an opportunity to see who received what, what were their goals, what is the alternative and so on.

If the work is done poorly, it is clear who bears the responsibility“, Plakhotnyuk added.


Source: RIA Novosti

2 thoughts on “Protests in Kishinev continue, the tent camp is growing

  1. Hey, pals! Moldovans simply do not want to buy into EU promises of better life any more. The public support for the country’s pro-EU trajectory is draining away (today polls show support at about 30% to 80% in 2013) as all the time and incessantly we have to struggle with implementing hundreds of regulations after signing an association agreement with the EU last year. As a result we’ve got sharp deterioration in all spheres of our life instead of expected raising the well-being of the people. At this rate soon we’ll start to live more badly than before!

  2. The protesters, however, bring EU flags to the rallies. In essence, it seems it doesn’t matter what the reason for such protests is, as long as it’s anti-governmental and can bring a certain number of people to the streets. At some point the radicals will take over from there.

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