Kiev junta continues to get rid of cultural monuments

09.09.2015, Kiev.

The new Kiev government, having adopted a “decommunization” law, continues in its search for “relics” of Soviet history. This time one of the highest monuments in the world was recognized as subject to demolition – “Motherland” which was built on the right bank of Dnepr river in honor of the victory of the Soviet people over the Nazi Germany. The monument continues to be an architectural landmark of Kiev.

The list of architectural enemies of the new government includes the People’s Friendship Arch and “Dinamo” stadium which are suggested to be replaced by the Pantheon of Glory to immortalize the memory of the militants-participants of the punitive operation in Donbass.

Kiev city Chief Architect Sergey Tselovalnik:

These embarrassing monuments of the past of ours – both the Arch and the Motherland – they pretty much don’t give any historic, cultural and spiritual meaning to Kiev.


Source: LifeNews

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