Local "Right Sector" leader taken into custody in Odessa

08.09.2015, Odessa.

“Law enforcement services” of Odessa have taken the leader of local “Right Sector” branch, Sergey Stepanenko, into custody.

The Interior Ministry department in Odessa region has commented that Stepanenko is not detained for political reasons, but on a suspicion of participating in kidnapping.

According to Odessa “Right Sector”, their leader is being accused of kidnapping the member of Kominternovo regional council Sergey Sherbich, who was the regional Chairman of “Rodina” (“Homeland”) party. According to Odessa police department, the kidnappers demanded him to resign from the regional council, held him in a basement and beat him.

The “Right Sector” Nazis have clashed with the police near the court.


Source: RT

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