Knowledge Day will not happen in 7 Donetsk front-line districts’ schools

Heads of local administrations informed Donetsk News Agency that seven of 84 schools in Donetsk front-line districts (Kirovsky, Kuybyshevsky, Kievsky, and Petrovsky) won’t open doors on September 1st.

Three schools in our district (out of 21 – ed.) might be restored, but it doesn’t make sense – all of them are in Oktyabrsky micro-district known as being constantly under fire,” said the head of the Kuybyshevsky district.

Previously 484 schools were supposed to open in Donetsk People’s Republic on the 1st of September. For safety reasons, 12 schools of the mostly shelled areas won’t work. According to DPR Department of Education and Science data, 140 thousand students will go to school this year.

Source: Donetsk News Agency

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