Kiev junta’s Interior Ministry: Nazi “Svoboda” party leader Tyagnibok was among the riot participants in Kiev

31.08.2015 21:34, Kiev.

According to Kiev junta’s Interior Ministry head Arsen Avakov, he possess materials which prove that radical Nazi “Svoboda” party leader Oleg Tyagnibok participated in clashes near the Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovnaya Rada.

I have seen the police footage, saw the photos where Mr. Tyagnibok stands near his supporters, together with those who beat our guys. I don’t understand why Ukraine has to pay such a price in order to let Tyagnibok and his party return back to power… Did your political ambitions turn out to be more important than Ukraine, Mr. Tyagnibok?

Up to 125 people were injured, one serviceman has died in the hospital as a result of today’s clashes. As of now the clashes have stopped.


Source: RIA Novosti

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