Ukrainian border guard who sided with LPR: Kiev is putting pressure on my family

29.08.2015 13:56, Lugansk.

The Ukrainian border guard sergeant Sergey Sergeyev who had moved to LPR yesterday has declared that the Kiev’s secret services are putting pressure on his relatives. The former border guard has asked the international organizations to help his family in Western Ukraine.

After the video address I made that I am siding with Lugansk People’s Republic, Kiev’s secret services have put pressure on my parents and close relatives. I couldn’t assume that they will put pressure on my parents, since this is something sacred for any person.

The former border guard has accused Ukrainian officers of having no honor and dignity – the secret services went after his parents right after he made his address on switching sides and moving to LPR.

This is why I address international human rights organizations and ask everybody who can help or influence the Ukrainian secret services or the Ukrainian army, help my parents and close relatives.


Source: LifeNews

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