Poverty, war, corruption. Ukrainians chose main symbols of the country

29.08.2015, Ukraine.

One and a half year since the victory of “Euromaydan” have really turned Ukraine into a completely different country. Just like the chiefs of the “revolution of dignity” have promised. Ukraine has moved unimaginably far. However, the direction is just the opposite of what was promised. Instead of prosperity – poverty. Instead of “European standards” – corrupted ineffective government. Add war and devastation to that. This is how, as it turns out, the majority of Ukrainians from all regions of the country see the situation.

The Ukrainian Institute of World Politics (a pro-western organization) has conducted a social research. Citizens of the country were offered to choose out of a dozen answers to the question “What is their country associated with first and foremost?” The results speak for themselves. “Corrupted, ineffective authorities” won the first place. The second place went to “war, conflict, ruination, disaster“. The third place went to a neutral “homeland” answer. Almost as much responses percentage-wise has earned the fourth answer: “poverty, unemployment“. All answers with a positive connotation – from “independence and love of freedom” to “European state” – were much lower.

What is interesting is that the same Institute conducted a similar poll in six of the European countries. The results are somewhat different, but not better. If we add the results together, Europeans associate Ukraine first and foremost with war (46%). They also know that Ukraine has something to do with Russia, “Russia” being the second popular answer (18%). “Poverty” took the third place. All other answers, be it “Europe“, “Crimea” or “Maydan“, were at the margin of a statistical error, earning 2 to 4% of responses. Which means that Europeans, from British to Poles, do not associate Ukraine with Europe. And with Crimea, by the way. And they already forgot about the “Euromaydan”.

Poverty, war, ruin, corruption. And moving further and further away from the “European standards” (whatever you understand by that) instead of a promised triumphant march to Europe. This, it seems, are the main “achievements” of Ukraine for the past one and a half years. The only thing which can console the residents of the independent Ukraine, who have simple-heartedly trusted the “Euromaydan” organizers back in the time, is that both Ukrainians and residents of European countries evaluate this sad situation more or less the same. Well, Ukraine has become closer to Europe at least in something.


Source: RIA Novosti

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