Former Kiev junta’s serviceman calls upon fellow military servicemen to side with LPR

29.08.2015, LPR.

Junta’s border guard sergeant Sergey Sergeev, who had voluntarily sided with LPR, has told that people from Donbass who serve in junta’s army and other defense and law enforcement agencies are treated with bias. Specifically, they are being accused of “separatism.” The civilian population is also treated negatively and violently.

Same with the civilians. Take the region where I used to serve, Stanichno-Lugansky – physical force is being used there as well. And if something goes wrong, anybody can disappear.

Sergeyev has also said that the war in Donbass, in his opinion, was provoked by the USA.

Sergeyev has called upon fellow servicemen to follow his example and side with LPR. He had pointed out that the Ukrainian mass media are lying, intimidating the residents of the country and the servicemen with stories of a supposedly critical situation in Lugansk People’s Republic.

Don’t be afraid, guys, come back home. What the Ukrainian media is telling about the Republic and what we have seen with our own eyes has nothing in common… They are writing that there is a humanitarian tragedy in the Republic, that there is nothing to eat here. That is a lie. We have come here and saw that people in LPR live absolutely normal lives.

The sergeant has explained that the servicemen were intimidated in many ways so that they wouldn’t return to the Republic.

Our superiors have often told us: there’s no way for you back to Lugansk, nobody will accept you there, they will execute you, they will torture you. But there’s nothing like this. If they would be torturing or executing me, I wouldn’t be here.

He had added that many of his fellow servicemen, especially those born in Lugansk region, wanted to side with LPR, but were afraid of being killed, being intimidated by their commanders and junta’s mass media propaganda.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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