LPR: Odessa military academy cadet and a number of Ukrainian conscripts have switched sides to join LPR militia

28.08.2015, LPR.

An Odessa military academy cadet and Ukraine-mobilized conscripts have fled in order to join Lugansk People’s Republic militia, LPR Ministry of State Security public affairs office head Evgeniya Lyubenko has told the journalists during the press-conference.

According to her, Odessa military academy cadet Artyom Molchanov, along with his friends who were born in Donbass, have planned and organized an escape in order to join LPR militia after participating in joint exercises with sixth wave of mobilization conscripts. Molchanov, who was present during the press conference, has stated that he did not want to get drafted to serve in the so-called “Anti-terrorist operation” (this is how the Ukrainian side refers to the war in Donbass – ed.) and have to shoot at his own family, which is why he fled.

Lyubenko added:

Ukraine border guard sergeant Sergey Sergeyev has also switched sides, fled to LPR, accusing his commanders of multiple cases of thuggish behavior and marauding.


Source: RIA Novosti

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