A monument to victims of Kiev's militants was opened in Donetsk

28.08.2015, Donetsk.

A monument to civilians of Donbass killed by Kiev’s militants was opened today in center of Donetsk. Approximately three hundred Donetsk residents have gathered for the opening, many have come with children.

DPR First Deputy Chief of Staff Dmitry Trapeznikov has addressed them:

Today we have gathered to open the monument to the killed residents of our land, to the children who were killed, to mothers and fathers who were killed, killed by Ukrainian fascism.

He added that the memory of the victims will live forever.

When our grandfathers have returned from the war in 1945 they though that their descendants will never find out what fascism is. Unfortunately, today we once again see how many people die at the hands of Ukrainian punitive forces.

After the address the memory of the victims was honored by a minute of silence.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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