Vladislav Deynego: LPR is ready to immediately exchange prisoners

21.08.2015 13:25, LPR

LPR envoy on Minsk talks Vladislav Deynego has made a statement regarding the prisoner exchange during a briefing in Lugansk:

We are ready to exchange prisoners immediately.

The Ukrainian prisoners, participating in the war that Kiev started in Donbass, are following the orders of their commanders.

There is not a single oligarch among them – all are ordinary people.

The envoy has said that the “list consisting of ten Ukrainian soldiers, taken prisoner at different times” was handed to the Kiev junta.

We even went as far as including the servicemen of 51st brigade Furaev and Komisarchyuk despite the request for extradition of these people we received from DPR’s General Prosecutor’s office – a criminal investigation is launched in Donetsk People’s Republic against these two men.

The junta, however, is using various tricks to evade the exchange, Deynego pointed out.


Source: RIA Novosti

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