Gorlovka administration: Ukrainian army’s artillery has destroyed over 2,2 thousand buildings in the city

21.08.2015 06:03, Gorlovka

Gorlovka city administration head Roman Khramenkov informs of the destruction caused by the Ukrainian army’s artillery:

1978 private houses and approximately 198 apartment buildings, 80 schools and hospitals, 11 culture and recreation centers were destroyed in Gorlovka. We don’t include damaged enterprises in this list at the moment. Due to different types of entities we don’t have access to them, they didn’t apply for materials.

There is an extreme need for construction materials, a constant supply is required, according to Khramenkov.

Thank God partly glass for schools was brought to the city – approximately two thousand square meters were supplied by the Donetsk People’s Republic Reconstruction Management Center (DPR RMC). We have already applied to DPR RMC for construction materials for 268 private sector houses. Later another such bundle of materials will be supplied for 300 houses, so that we could repair them on our own.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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