"Right sector" neo-Nazi organization has decided to replace Kharkov's police

20.08.2015 08:15, Kharkov

The neo-Nazi “Right sector” militants have decided to replace Kharkov‘s police. “Right sector” is patrolling the city, without limiting itself to unsanctioned use of excessive force while the city’s road police is undergoing reorganization.

The leader of the local regional “Right sector” organization Andrey Sanin is commenting the work of the patrols:

We are not police, we may act a bit radical.

Adviser to the head of Kharkov region Interior Ministry directorate Aleksandr Sirota said to Ukrainian “Vesti” newspaper:

Any help in ensuring public order is welcome in all countries at all times. Another question is how that help is provided. Had they blocked this gambling venue and called the police – that is welcome. The fact that they are destroying property there – that’s a breach of the law. Nobody has the right to go out on the streets on their own and say, “I am ensuring the public order.”

Earlier “Right sector” militants have attacked visitors and workers of an illegal casino on one of Kharkov’s railroad stations. “Right sector” is planning to extend patrolling to other Kharkov railroad stations, however, they don’t have enough people to do so.


Source: RIA Novosti

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