DPR military intelligence: camouflaged junta's tanks and self-propelled artillery guns near Gorlovka and Donetsk

20.08.2015 11:08, DPR

The punitive forces continue to gather forces near the contact line for an attack, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin.

Military intelligence has uncovered the carefully camouflaged positions of the punitive forces. 6 self-propelled guns were spotted near Zaytsevo (northern Gorlovka outskirt – ed.), another 6 self-propelled guns were spotted east of Aleksandropol township (20 km west of Donetsk – ed.). Artillery positions were uncovered west of Zhelannoye Pervoye village (18 km west of Donetsk – ed).

Deputy Defense Minister added that up to 40 tanks were uncovered in southern Novomikhaylovka (12 km south-west of Donetsk), howitzer artillery positions were spotted in Opytnoye township (Artemovsk suburb – ed.), up to a battalion (up to 500 people) of Ukrainian border guard personnel.

5 units of “Pion” self-propelled artillery guns were spotted in Dobropolye city (63 km north-west of Donetsk – ed.), a redeployment of a column of “Grad” multiple rocket launch systems, self-propelled artillery guns and howitzer artillery from Krasnoarmeysk, Selidovo and nearby villages to south-eastern direction. 12 self-propelled artillery guns have arrived to the north-eastern outskirt of Donskoye village (48 km of Donetsk – ed.), 6 self-propelled artillery guns were spotted assuming firing positions 3 km away from Maloignatyevka.

Eduard Basurin has once again pointed out that the facts of Kiev junta concentrating its forces near the contact line “confirm the intentions of Kiev to disrupt the Minsk agreements“.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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