The Ukrainian junta is disrupting the POW exchange agreement

20.08.2015 12:42, Donbass

The Ukrainian junta has disrupted the process of POW exchange three times in the past month, according to LPR People’s Militia Deputy Commander Igor Yashenko.

We have invested numerous efforts into rescuing our military personnel from captivity. We have submitted the lists of Ukrainian prisoners of war with proposals to exchange three times in the past month to the Ukrainian side. But all our initiatives find no understanding, which leads to disruption in the process of exchanging prisoners of war.

Each time when Ukrainian prisoners were brought to the agreed place where the exchange was supposed to take place Kiev refused to follow the agreement without explaining the reasons, according to Yashenko. The last failed POW exchange was attempted on August 17.

The impression is that the Ukrainian authorities are indifferent as to the fate of the Ukrainian soldiers and the authorities are up to some sort of an unclear game, dragging the process of prisoner exchange.

At the same time he has noted that the attempts to exchange the prisoners will continue no matter what.


Source: TASS

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