The punitive forces are shelling DPR residential districts in order to divert attention from military redeployment

17.08.2015 19:58, Donetsk

The situation in Donetsk People’s Republic becomes more difficult with each passing day, according to DPR Deputy Defense Minister Eduard Basurin.

I want to call your attention to the fact that the Ukrainian military is using its shelling of cities and villages in order to divert attention from redeployment of its troops at the contact line. The enemy increases its forces in its sectors and prepares for aggression against DPR and LPR.

According to him, DPR military intelligence has uncovered the arrival of 47 new units of military hardware, as well as  electronic warfare stations, to the front-line.

25 units of tracked armored fighting vehicles (tanks, infantry fighting vehicles (IFV), multi-purpose light-armoured towing vehicles) have been transferred to the direction of Luganskoye township; 5 units of self-propelled artillery guns have arrived to Novgorodskoye township area; a column consisting of 15 units of military hardware has been transferred to Verhneteretskoye township area; 2 units of “Grad” multiple-rocket launch systems have been transferred to Svobodnoye village area; military hardware, presumably electronic warfare stations, has been transferred to Svetlodarskoye township area.

Apart from that, the arrival of railroad trains with tanks to Volnovakha and Khlebodarovka train stations has been uncovered.

The above mentioned facts talk about immediate preparation of Ukrainian military for an offensive operation, which assumes a brazen disregard that Pyotr Poroshenko shows for the commitments he made to the “Normandy Four”.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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