20:25, Donetsk: Kuybyshev district residents are being rehoused due to constant shelling by the punitive forces

17.08.2015 20:25, Donetsk

Residents of Kuybyshev district of Donetsk are being rehoused due to constant shelling by Kiev junta’s punitive army. Approximately two thousand people will receive new housing, according to region administration head Ivan Prikhodko.

The situation in our district has deteriorated dramatically in the last five days. It resembles January-February when we were heavily shelled by the Ukrainian military. We are concentrating all our efforts on giving the people housing in safer district. Approximately two thousand people are waiting.

He clarified that 1190 people have received housing already. Four people have been killed and 16 were wounded by the shelling, according to Prikhodko, which is reason for mass-evacuation of residents. He added that despite the regular shelling the district City Hospital №21 continues to operate.


Source: RIA Novosti

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