07:57, Donetsk: three districts shelled by Ukrainian army, civilians dead and injured

17.08.2015 07:57, Donetsk

Donetsk mayor’s office:

Kuybyshevsky, Petrovsky and Kirovsky district were massively shelled by the Ukrainian army on the night of August 16-August 17. Two people are dead, three injured, according to the information at hand. Information regarding other possible victims and destruction is being specified.

Numerous houses were damaged. Three houses were damaged on Pobeda square in Petrovsky district, one house was damaged on Fedkovichya and one on Kryukova streets.

Destruction was also registered in 12 houses in Kuybyshevsky district. Electric and gas supply systems were damaged.

Destruction in registered in Staromikhaylovka village of Kirovsky district. Three houses are destroyed as a result of direct hits, 22 other houses are damaged, according to city administration.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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