00:01, Donetsk: 6 houses, school and a gas pipe in Kuybyshevsky district damaged by shelling

17.08.2015 00:01, Donetsk

Head of district administration Ivan Prikhodko:

48, Dmitriya Kazaka st., 46, Alekseya Tolstogo st., 166, Olimpiyeva st., 62, Korniyenko st. got hit. Windows on 6a, Vannikova st. and 50, Dmitriya Kazaka st.

Carpentry workshop of school №66 was directly hit by a shell, which caused a fire, according to the head of district administration.

An electric substation and a gas pipe at the intersection of Zvezdnaya and 12a, Koltsevaya st. were also damaged by the shelling.

Repair works to restore the gas supply are currently underway.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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