15:00, Lugansk: residents are protesting near OSCE office

09.08.2015 15:00, Lugansk

Around 350 residents of Lugansk have blocked OSCE representatives in their office on August 9, 2015 at 12:30 local time. Protesters demanded “to stop sitting out in restaurants and start working on objective evaluation of what’s happening in Lugansk region, to open the truth to the global community.

Protesters – mostly students – were holding pictures of victims of the Kiev junta’s punitive forces and posters saying “Open the truth to the world! Ukraine is a criminal!“, “How much does Poroshenko pay you for silence?“, “Make the Ukrainian army stop bombing us!“, “Enough having dinner! Stop the war!“, “Poroshenko shut your mouth with eclairs!

Reporters say that the rally which wasn’t preliminary wasn’t agreed upon with the authorities, but remains peaceful. Police representatives are present and secure order.

The protesters demand “OSCE representatives to come out for dialogue“.

It is also noted that the remotely controlled gate which leads to the organizations HQ territory has opened. However, the protesters did not enter the territory, currently they continue to stand by the fence.

One of the protesters said that they “will wait OSCE representatives to come out“.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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