13:38, Donetsk: DPR police has inspected the site of OSCE vehicle arson

09.08.2015 13:38, Donetsk

DPR police has inspected the place in Donetsk where last night OSCE cars burned down. Material evidence was found and sent to forensic inquiry, according to the public affairs office of DPR Interior Ministry.

The message regarding the burning cars near the “Park Inn” hotel where the OSCE HQ is was received by the “102” service operator at 02:45, says the Interior Ministry. The Voroshylovsky district police department task force has arrived to the crime scene five minutes later, together with the emergency services workers.

The Interior Ministry considers arson of the cars of the international organization by provokers-supporters of the Kiev junta to be one of the possible explanations. Presumably it was done in order to destabilize the situation in Donbass and defamation of Donetsk People’s Republic.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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