08:05, Donetsk: Two districts shelled by the Kiev junta’s punitive forces this night

07.08.2015 08:05, Donetsk

The Kiev junta’s punitive forces have opened fire at Kuyvyshevsky and Voroshlovsky districts of Donetsk, according to the city administration.

Kuybyshevsky and Voroshylovsky districts were shelled by the Kiev junta on the night between August 6 and August 7. Destruction of buildings is registered in Kuybyshevsky district as a result of a direct hit – on Stepanenko prospect, Pyatnitskogo and Luzina streets. Damage is registered as a result of explosions on Signalnaya and Zavarzina streets. As a result of a hit of a sub-caliber tank shell in Voroshylovsky district, damage was inflicted on Cheliuskintsev and Artema streets.

There are no victims of the shelling, according to the city administration.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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