A memorial sign in honor of victims of Kiev punitive forces aerial bombing of Sukhodolsk will be opened in the center of the city

06.08.2015 18:51, LPR

The consecration of the place where a memorial sign will be opened to honor those who died in the airstrike of Kiev junta’s punitive forces against Sukhodolsk town a year ago took place as a part of the memorial ceremony “We will not forget, we will not forgive!” in Valentina Tereshkova park.

It happened exactly a year ago: at around 19:00 Kiev air force bombed the residential districts of Sukhodolsk, Lugansk People’s Republic. The bombing continued for several minutes. Over 40 residents were wounded in the airstrike, 17 were killed. The youngest of them was 7 years old, the oldest was 80.

City administration head Tatyana Khokhlova:

August 6 became a black day in the history of our town, because innocent residents of our town died. Mothers lost their children, wives lost their husbands, families lost their breadwinners, and this happened only because malice and hatred exists in the world. We have witnessed what war is with our own eyes. It brought us destruction and grief to every family. We have overcome this grief together with you, we have laid those who were killed to rest, and after that, as a single fist we have united to restore what was destroyed. But nothing can restore our destroyed hearts and our memory.


Source: LuganskInformCenter

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