17:52, Donetsk: a rally against “inaction and bias”

06.08.2015 17:52, Donetsk

A rally against “inaction and bias” took place in Donetsk. Hundreds of city residents have come to the hotel where OSCE representatives live. The protesters have spilled red paint, which symbolizes the blood of murdered peaceful residents of Donbass.

The members of the rally held posters which read “People are dying because of you!” and “It is time to open your eyes.”

The people of Donbass think that OSCE presents false information in their reports.

An OSCE mission representative went to talk to the protesters and tried to respond to their accusations.

We are monitoring, collecting information and reporting. This is all we can do. And we are doing this and we will be doing this for you and for the whole world.


Source: RIA Novosti

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