"Right sector" attacked the "Opposition Block" office in Kharkov

03.08.2015 12:24, Kharkov

A riot has started in Kharkov after “Opposition Block” political party supporters rally, according to LifeNews. As the opposition rally was marching towards the region administration their own office was attacked by up to 50 Banderas belonging to the extremist “Right sector” organization.

The attackers vandalized the pavement near the Zhon-Mironosits temple to get stones and threw those stones at the political organization’s building. As a result they smashed the first and second floor windows and damaged the balconies. They threw smoke bombs at the exists from the building and the road leading from the building to the center of the city.

They threw stones at the security van of the rally organizer Mikhail Dobkin, opened it and set it on fire.

Witnesses report that police has arrived. The building perimeter was cordoned, however, there are no reports of arrests.


Source: LifeNews

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