Kurginyan speaks about split in Russian elite

29.01.2022, Moscow.

A split has taken place in the Russian elite: one part of it lean towards the USA, while the other part intends to oppose the USA, said philosopher, political scientist and the leader of the Essence of Time movement Sergey Kurginyan in The Meaning of the Game broadcast published on the movement’s YouTube channel.

Kurginyan indicated that one part of the Russian elite does not care about recognizing the Lugansk and the Donetsk people’s republics or integration of Donbass, but it is interested in the pipelines to Europe, including those going through Turkey. However, Turkey cannot be called a country friendly to Russia.

Turkey receives weapons from the USA, and it clearly now on Kiev’s side. “Erdoğan has become out of line so much as he now wants to be a mediator for Putin and Zelensky. He has delusions of global grandeur. Do we understand what the consequences can be or not?” the political scientist wonders.

Also, Turkey establishes strategic relations with Japan, which has actively laid claims to part of Russia’s territory recently. Japan, similar to Turkey, is a US ally, and it will confront China together with them. To this end, Japan will be allowed to have a real army and nuclear weapons.

According to Kurginyan, this situation is incompatible with building pipelines to Europe through Turkey. They can be cut any moment as soon as any integration process in Donbass begins.

“So will we have to see a Japanese-Turkish-Ukrainian-Polish-British alliance? This will be an axis formed against us, and what will we do about it? Build pipelines to Europe through Turkey? Knowing for sure that as soon as we make a move these pipelines will be cut? Does this mean we will never make a move?” the political scientist concludes.

Probably, the part of the elite which is most interested in supplying energy sources to Europe believes that the USA’s main enemy is not Russia but China, so there is no threat to these supplies. However, Kurginyan stresses that even if this is true, the USA in any event needs to deal with Russia first, and only then with China.

According to the political scientist, contemporary Russia cannot believe the USA to an extent as to become its ally against China. This is why there is confidence that pipelines to Europe can be compatible with a policy of conciliation towards the USA, but they cannot be compatible with any integration processes in Donbass wanted by the other part of the Russian elite.

“Then what can we say about the current situation? We can say only one thing: that our elite to a significant extent remains possessed by the idea of integration into the Western civilization. That within this possession, the pipeline policy is taking place along with all the policy associated with any geo-economic integration of labor. And another part of our elite has either realized that this is a waste of time, or has different intentions,” Kurginyan said.

“And then this is a hidden but very significant split in the elite, where some want a drift towards the USA’s side (i.e. anti-Chinese side, and they already want something like that), while others want a drift towards the Chinese side and more tension with the USA along with further convergence with China, which would be definitely more reasonable in my opinion,” the philosopher believes.

The broadcast in general discusses provocations of conflict in Ukraine attempted by the USA and NATO and ways to resolve this situation.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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