Expert: US will exert pressure on Russia by threatening to supply Iron Dome defense system to Ukraine

16.09.2021, Simferopol.

The US will use the issue of delivery of Iron Dome missile defense systems to Ukraine for political pressure on Russia, director of the Ukrainian Institute for Analysis and Management of Politics Ruslan Bortnik said, as RIA Novosti informed on September 16.

“The prospect of getting this system is certainly there, but not in the near future. This topic is used as a tool of US pressure on Russia,” the expert said.

According to him, deliveries of these systems to Ukraine will not completely solve the problem of missile defense on its territory, however, they can serve as a sign of political and military support of Ukraine by the US.

Politico reported earlier that a number of US congressmen included a corresponding amendment in the 2022 defense bill. According to Aleksey Arestovych, spokesman for Kiev’s delegation to the contact group on Donbass, these systems will increase “the combat effectiveness of the Ukrainian army.”

The Iron Dome system was developed in Israel and put into service in 2005 to protect against unguided rockets fired from the Gaza Strip into Israel.

The system is capable of destroying tactical unguided rockets with a range of 4 to 70 km, including Grad multiple rocket launchers and similar munitions.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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