Putin comments on the military exercises in Ukraine

30.06.2021, Moscow.

Foreign countries began military development of Ukraine, President of Russia Vladimir Putin said on June 30 on an annual phone-in with the Russian citizens.

“I am concerned about another, more fundamental thing, namely the beginning of military development of Ukrainian territory,” Putin said.

According to him, according to the constitution of Ukraine, there can be no foreign military bases on its territory.

Putin recalled that the West “raised a big fuss” when Russia conducted military exercises near Ukraine, as a result of which Putin asked the Defense Ministry to end the exercises.

“We did that. But instead of responding positively and saying, ‘OK, we understand your reaction to our outrage,’ what did they do instead? They came to our borders,” Putin stressed.

On June 28, large-scale international naval exercises Sea Breeze 2021 began in Ukraine.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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