Russian diplomat in London explains the goal behind bogus stories about “secret deals” between Russia and militants

29.06.2020, London.

Information about alleged secret deals between Russia and Afghan terrorists regarding killing of the British military is bogus stories, a representative of the Russian diplomatic mission in London said on June 29, TASS informs.

According to the diplomat, this information was spread to discredit Russia and rekindle interest in “mythical ‘Russian threats’.” Among the goals of the creators of these bogus stories is to divert attention from the allies’ fiasco in their 20-year-old Afghan campaign and attempts to “shift responsibility for the deteriorating situation on the ground to those who have nothing to do with it.”

According to a representative of the Russian diplomatic mission in London, it is not the first time and Western media are using the same pattern trying to accuse Russia of relations with Afghan militant, “Those bogus stories follow the same pattern: anonymous sources accuse our country of certain hostile actions, with no arguments or details provided, nor a shred of evidence. In other words, we are dealing with a work of fiction.”

The New York Times published an article accusing Russian military intelligence of collusion with militants associated with the Taliban (organization banned in Russia) terrorist organization. The authors of the article referred to unnamed representatives of US intelligence, and no evidence of such conspiracy was provided. The Russian Foreign Ministry called the reports a “fake”, while US President Trump called the reports a “fabricated hoax.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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