China stands for an international investigation of the source of the coronavirus pandemic

24.05.2020, Beijing.

The Chinese government supports an international investigation of the coronavirus, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on May 24 during an online press conference.

According to the statement, China believes that this international investigation of the sources and circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic should be professional, fair and constructive. Wang Yi added that a professional approach means the investigation be based on the scientific method and be conducted through the World Health Organization.

Wang Yi also said that claims against China on the pandemic are ungrounded and have no legal basis. The Chinese Foreign Ministry highlighted the importance of cooperation with the Russian Federation and said that the two nations’ efforts are aimed to take opportunities of the crisis for further development.

On May 2, the principal national paper of the People’s Republic of China Renmin Ribao published an article with 10 questions to the US on the coronavirus pandemic. According to the article, in the USA certain politicians are disseminating false information and passing the buck.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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