Implementation of forced foster care to accelerate in Armenia

06.07.2019, Yerevan.

The Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia Zarui Batoyan complained on July 3 that the so-called program against domestic violence is intentionally being undermined in Armenia, Novosti Armenii reports.

According to Batoyan, the state must take measures to prevent domestic violence. In particular, the minister believes, government agencies must coordinate their work in order to ensure a systemic approach to this problem.

The term “victims of domestic violence” is widely used by supporters of forced foster care in order to interfere with family relations and to destroy families. To this end, forced foster care lobbyists promote falsified numbers on “domestic violence” in various countries. An example of such manipulations is the overestimated numbers provided by the Anna center regarding Russian families where women have allegedly suffered from domestic violence.

As a result, the fabricated issue helps to promote laws that legitimize the interference with the family and the removal of children.

Previously, Batoyan said that state-operated care centers for “victims of domestic violence” needed to be opened in Armenia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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