Militants again block humanitarian corridor in East Ghouta

09.03.2018, East Ghouta.

Shelling of the East Ghouta humanitarian corridor by the militants has increased in frequency, Interfax reported on March 8 citing Russian military.

The spokesperson of the Reconciliation Center for Syria, Major General Viktor Zolotukhin, reported, “Illegal armed groups have increased repressive measures against the population, and they have intensified the shelling of the area around the checkpoint near Muhayam el Vafedin. Fire is opened during humanitarian pauses as well; as a result, no one has left the enclave to reach the checkpoint so far.”

According to Zolotukhin, on Thursday a humanitarian pause was in force from 9 AM to 2 PM to allow civilians and militants with their families to leave the area. Terrorists were guaranteed security, and they would be provided with transport and protection along the entire route. However, 9 civilians we injured  by the militants’ shelling from East Ghouta in a 24 hour period.

The militants’ actions triggered disturbances among the residents of Misraba, Modiara, Hammuria, Saqba, Ein Tarma, Jisrein, Arbil, and Duma,

 “Reportedly, some of regular militants now want to leave East Ghouta, too, and some want to take their families with them. However, their leaders are totally against that, and they are threatening any potential deserters with death,” the spokesperson of the Reconciliation Center for Syria said.

 “Considering the current situation, we again urge the militants’ leaders to allow anyone to leave East Ghouta under our guarantees of security,” the spokesperson underlined.

The humanitarian operation in East Ghouta has repeatedly been interrupted. On March 5, the exit of civilians from East Ghouta was blocked again by shelling of the humanitarian corridor by the militants.

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency

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