Kurginyan: Putin crosses the Rubicon

03.03.2018, Moscow.

On March 1, speaking on the Time will Tell TV program, Essence of Time movement leader and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said that Vladimir Putin’s address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation showed that Russia had entered a new era.

Speaking on the program Kurginyan outlined three main topics, which the President had covered in his address, “first, we will be improving quality of life, everyone has to keep in mind that Putin said that. And one cannot say that ‘it is just defence sector without an increase [of social infrastructure development, Rossa Primavera note]’, it is boorish to say that, because the President regarded the issue to be of paramount importance. Second, he said, we will protect, and third, we will expand. And we have it too, I mean the EAEU, etc.”

In the political scientist’s opinion, this triad “is actually a reconstruction of the Soviet zone of influence.”

For the United States, it is a challenge, which it cannot solve by means of war. That is why the reaction for this will be according to the principle “we [will be, Rossa Primavera note] less light-minded with you, but we hate you even more.” Kurginyan stressed that it is much better than to be treated with contempt by the Anglo-Saxons. Because “when the Anglo-Saxon feels contempt, he destroys right away.” 

 “Everyone will start speaking on a more serious level, but with even more hatred. That is why I agree absolutely: making one step forward, go further. Making another step, keep going. We have started our way, crossed the Rubicon and became people, who want to determine the rules. So, we have to go the whole nine yards,” the political scientist said.

Vladimir Putin in his address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation stressed the importance of turning the Eurasian Economic Community (EAEU) a competitive body. He said, that “EAEU’s agenda includes building a common market for electricity, oil, petroleum products and gas, harmonising financial markets, and linking our customs authorities.”

Source: Rossa Primavera news agency

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