Mamikonyan: USSR managed to walk on razor’s edge between equality and feminism

17.11.2017, Russia.

On November 5, at the meeting of the Sofia Club in Moscow, Maria Mamikonyan, a Chairwoman of the All-Russian Parents’ Resistance (ARPR) organization for family protection, spoke about the strengthening of radical ideas in contemporary leftwing movements in comparison with traditional leftist ideas, Rosa Primavera News Agency reports.

The leader of the parent association noted that previously “leftwing” meant a struggle of the majority for their rights. However, the situation has changed. “Today we can see a paradoxical situation when leftwing Europeans are captured by the most extreme ideas“, among which she named the radical feminism and the radical LGBT.

Under these assumptions, the development of a new human being, as well as the whole human society, is assumed”, Mamikonyan pointed.

At the same time, coming under the slogan of gender equality, the radical leftists actually support globalism, therefore, “to talk about leftwing future prospects, in essence, is problematic”.

The ARPR Chairwoman recalled that there was a practical experience to find a balance in struggling for women’s rights in the 20th century: in essence, the Soviet Union achieved social equality.

The Soviet authorities managed to walk on razor’s edge balancing the situation when women had obtained social rights without falling into a frantic feminism, which always screams for some additional rights, other than social ones,” she noted.

Another meeting of the Sofia Club took place in Moscow on the eve of the centenary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. The meeting was devoted to the finding of a left alternative to capitalism.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency

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