Zaytsevo village resident had to give birth without medical assistance due to shelling by Ukraine

07.06.2016, DPR.

Frontline Zaytsevo village in the northern outskirt of Gorlovka gave birth to a child without medical assistance due to shelling by Ukrainian army, village administration head Irina Dikun told Donetsk News Agency today.

Last night a woman had to give birth in her house. Due to the shelling, which took all night, the ambulance could only enter the village 40 minutes after the baby was born,” she said.

She added that relatives and representatives of the village administration helped the woman in labor. “It was a complicated situation, none of us have medical experience, and it is a great responsibility for the lives of two people, but we succeeded,” Dikun said.

According to the village head, the delivery was successful, the boy was born healthy. “Currently the mother and the baby are hospitalized, their lives and health are out of danger,” the head of Zaytsevo concluded.

Dikun emphasized that the shelling was only finished by morning, the buildings on Rudneva, Lisyanskogo and Latsisa streets were registered.


Source: Donetsk News Agency

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