Syrian military storms the last hill in Palmyra controlled by radical Islamists

24.03.2016, Palmyra.

Syrian military storms the last ISIL-controlled (ISIL, Organization banned in Russia) hill in Palmyra. Most of the territory of Palmyra is controlled by Syrian army. The soldiers of the Syrian army and militia groups are pursuing the retreating terrorist gangs on the western outskirts of Palmyra.

At night, reactive artillery had destroyed the headquarters of the “Islamic state” group (ISIL, banned in the Russian Federation), which was located on one of the hills of the Qasr al-Muzza palace.

Eyewitnesses reported that the mined roadways hinder the advancing of troops. It is possible that terrorists could plant explosives in the territory of historical and archaeological reserve in the southwest of Palmyra, where the famous ruins of the ancient city are.

Earlier the Syrian television said that “forward units of the Syrian army” entered the territory of historical and archaeological complex of Palmyra.

Syrian troops are in the historic part of Palmyra, the well-informed source in Damascus confirmed to TASS by phone, and he noted that all possible steps are being made to protect ancient monuments.

We can confirm that the Syrian troops entered the historical part of the Palmyra,” the source said

Most of residents left Palmyra together with the government troops in May of the last year. Now there are about 15-20 thousand residents. On Wednesday militants urged them to leave the city and go to Deir ez-Zor or the neighboring oasis Es Suhna which are still under their control. The road which connects Palmyra to Homs and Damascus is under control of the Syrian army.

The news agency SANA argues that militants destroyed ancient fortress of the Emir Fakhraddin at the entrance to Palmyra from the Homs side. During the less than a year of their domination the ISIL (Organization banned in Russia) vandals blew up the famous Arc de Triomphe with a colonnade, the Baalshamin temple (of II century) and the sanctuary of the supreme Semitic teraphim Bel. The National Museum and the necropolis of Palmyra – the famous Tower tomb of the patricians were looted.


Source: TASS

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