“Azov” was not allowed to march in Riga

17.03.2016, Riga.

Latvian Nazis refused to go in one column with the Ukrainian Nazis from “Azov”, the edition MixMediaGroup reported on March 16 during the procession of supporters of the SS in Riga.

The event was organized by the Latvian nationalist organization Daugavas Vanagi (Daugava hawks).

One of the organizers of the march in Riga took a long time convincing the representative of the Ukrainian fascists to not go with them in one column: “I am just sincerely asking”.

And later promised to arrange a separate procession for the Ukrainian brothers.

Answering the question “why are you here?” the instructor of the civil corps of Azov stated, “Our grandfathers fought together. We are the youth… if there is no past, there will not be a future.”

He also assessed the work of anti-fascists as negative and suggested to give them dog passports and send “home”.

Every year on March 16 Latvia celebrates the Remembrance day of the Latvian Legion who fought on the side of Nazi Germany in the 15th and 19th SS division.

The Latvian Legion was established in February 1943, on March 16, 1944, it first clashed with the advancing Soviet troops in the area of the river Mude (Great).


Source: Vognebroda.net

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