Russian and foreign journalists were shelled in Latakia from Turkish side

03.01.2016, Syria.

Foreign and Russian journalists in Syrian province of Latakia were shelled from the Turkish territory, the spokesman of Russian Ministry of Defense Major-General Igor Konashenkov stated.

The incident took place during a press tour of journalists to the towns and villages, which have already signed a ceasefire agreement and to which the civilians have been returning to.

According to Konashenkov’s words, a total of eight shells was fired. The shells hit the ground 150 to 400 meters away from the journalists. “As a result, journalists got some light scratches“, – he said.

Konashenkov specified that the representatives of the media from Bulgaria, Canada and China were hurt in the shelling. A total of 33 journalists from Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, USA, Canada, Russia and China were shelled. Those who were injured received medical aid. Now they are returning back to the city, escorted by the military group of Russian Aerospace Forces.

According to the information provided by the Syrian army officer, the shells were fired by “Jabhat al-Nusra” (Organization banned in Russia) group, which is not a party of a ceasefire agreement from the territory of Turkey.


Source: RIA Novosti (2)

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