Ukrainian militants intimidate citizens of Russia and the Orthodox Church

22.02.2016, Ukraine.

In broadcast on private Ukrainian TV channel 112 Ukraine on February 20th, Ukrainian radical, former leader of The Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-Defence (UNA-UNSO) Dmitry Korchinsky urged to take hostage the citizens of Russian Federation who are residing in the Ukrainian territory, and to eliminate the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), “PolitNavigator” informed.

According to Korchinsky, the citizens of Russian Federation residing in the Ukrainian territory must be captured in response to the military operations of Donbass militia.

We do not even need to send saboteurs to the other side of the front – we have a lot of Moscow saboteurs and agents on our side of the front, and they can suffer. For example, they (Donbass militia – Editor) made an attempt to attack ammunition depots, so why don’t we take the Radio “Chanson” director into custody here, for example, he just as much is a Moscow saboteur as those who launch drones. Or any of the top management of ICTV (Ukraine) TV channel,” Korchinsky stated.

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) is even more dangerous than the “regular Moscow units” in the east of Ukraine, and it must be “attacked”.

Korchinsky D. A. is a forefather of Neo-Nazi Party UNA-UNSO, he has headed the fighting wing. He fought in Transnistria and Chechnya on the side of Chechen separatists in 1994-1995, participated in the interrogation of imprisoned Russian tank crew members. He is the author of the words: “Crimea will be Ukrainian or desolated.” In 2004, he ran for president of Ukraine. In events on Maidan in December 2013, he is mentioned as the organizer of the provocations aimed at the clash between protesters and Ukrainian police  officers. According to the Supreme Court of Russian Federation dated November 17th, 2014, the party “Brotherhood” (Ukrainian: Bratstvo), headed by Dmitry Korchinsky, was recognized as an extremist organization, and its activity on the territory of the Russian Federation is banned.



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