One year since “Khan” battalion soldier’s self-sacrifice

14.02.2016, DPR.

“Essence of Time” unit, call sign “Kot” speaking. February 11, 2016 was exactly one year since the day Yaroslav Yushin — “Khan” spetsnaz battalion soldier, call sign “Yujin” — gave his life for the freedom of his homeland. He died during the battle near Logvinovo (one of the final stages of the encirclement of Ukrainian forces in Debaltsevo in February 2015 – Editor). The truck with wounded Donetsk People’s Republic soldiers and local residents who were evacuated from the village got ambushed and was fired at point-blank by a Ukrainian infantry fighting vehicle. Wounded, Yujin volunteered to cover the retreat of his comrades and was killed in this uneven combat.

On February 11 we have gathered together with the relatives, loved ones and comrades-in-arms of Yujin to pay our respects to the hero at the foot of Saur-Mogila, the place where he was buried. Yaroslav Yushin will forever remain a member of the independent Special Forces “Khan” battalion. Each day during the evening roll call the most distinguished soldier of “Khan” battalion receives the honor to loudly and clearly read the description of Yujin’s heroic deed.

May the memory of the hero lives forever!

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