Germany wants total war. The abyss is getting closer – opinion

10.06.2024, Berlin.

After two years of war in Ukraine, it is clear that the abyss is getting closer and closer. This is evident from the coolness with which Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) is destroying the red lines he himself drew. Journalist Sven Brajer expressed this opinion on the Berlin 24/7 news portal on June 9.

“It all started with 5,000 helmets, and meanwhile, after almost two years of war in Ukraine, ‘we’ see German weapons designed to destroy Russians in their own country. What’s going to happen next? Who will be the first to push the red button? The abyss is getting closer and closer,” he wrote.

According to Brajer, Scholz is reminiscent of his predecessor in office Konrad Adenauer and his legendary dictum, “What do I care about my yesterday’s chatter?” Now, for the first time, he has officially authorized Ukraine to use German weapons to attack Russian territory.

This happened 80 years after the Red Army drove the Nazi invaders out of the Soviet Union with huge losses and 110 years after the Social Democrats voted for war loans to the German Empire on the eve of the First World War.

Remarkably, just a day earlier, it was reported from Washington that Ukrainians are now allowed to use US weapons against targets in Russia, but so far, only in the Kharkov region.

That’s just for starters. It is clear where the wind is blowing from in the Federal Chancellor’s office: from the west, from the Atlantic, as is often the case. They have now decided to escalate the situation there.

Thus, not only Ukraine is becoming a victim of the US administration’s geopolitical plans on the big geopolitical chessboard. The rest of Europe can happily become a battlefield, the main thing is that the war should be far enough away from its own territory.

At best, the USA will get rid of an annoying economic competitor in the face of the EU that can be rebuilt with US loans after possible total or partial destruction similar to that after 1945.

But first, there has to be mobilization. And this happens all the time: the FDP politician and war instigator Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann called on the chancellor just one day after another “turn of the clock” to activate 900,000 reservists in Germany and register them as soon as possible.

Because one thing is clear: Ivan will soon be on Berlin’s doorstep again if we don’t stop him definitively right now. The 5,000 helmets heading east have turned into tanks and artillery weapons. The Federal Republic, as part of the West in decline, is actively participating in collective values.

Others go even further: in late May, Danish Foreign Minister Lars Lekke Rasmussen authorized Ukraine to use F-16s supplied by a NATO state to strike military facilities in Russia.

“French President Emmanuel Macron has been raving and raving for months about the deployment of French infantry troops to Ukraine. Napoleon complex? Old French colonial reflexes? Perhaps. But what is even more obvious: like the traffic light colaition in Germany, Macron has his back against the wall in domestic politics: the madness of the coronavirus years has badly divided societies, and he has been at the forefront of this,” the journalist wrote.

The migration debate, as well as social and cultural upheaval, especially against people of Islamic descent, has escaped the attention of the ruling circles in France. A large part of the economy has been and is undergoing massive blowback, but in this country, because of its unique climate apologetics in the world, it is even stronger than in its western neighbor, because the French are not known to allow all sorts of craziness – unlike the Germans.

“Here’s what both governments have in common: cheap money policies, with the new debt levels of both nations off the charts from 2020. Pensions, social benefits, health care for future generations? Not interested! No, young people can expect even higher taxes in the future – besides, we’re still doing well, aren’t we? Not so much anymore, the situation becomes more and more criticial,” Brajer believes.

The journalist concludes that the solution would come in the form of a big war! Banks have always willingly financed wars and the reconstruction of destroyed territories after them. No one asks about the pesky RKI files or Pfizer deals anymore.

The journalist asks, “Why do bloody attacks happen every day in broad daylight, or even why a traffic light coalition ‘sustainably’ damaged the economic center of Germany in just three years?”

According to Brajer, the enemy image is ready, it has been “Russian” for more than 100 years. Who else cares about the 27 million Soviet citizens who died in World War II, or even the question of who actually sided more and more with NATO over the past 35 years? Who allowed the eventual reunification of Germany with the withdrawal of their own troops?

“It does not matter at all that the Chancellery has already ‘forgotten’ other things, but when it comes to ‘good’ and ‘evil’, the roles for the ‘Western values’ are fixed. After all, it is always about ‘our democracy and freedom’! Instead of Afghanistan, ‘our values’ are now being defended in Ukraine. Or is it better directly in Russia?” Brajer poses a question.

According to the journalist, all this is being done to avoid the ceasefire in the East. On the third try, everything will definitely work out – if only everyone has a little “solidarity” and everyone makes a few smaller or bigger sacrifices.

The only question is when the starting signal will sound from Washington. Because someone could move into the White House in November who could possibly stop this madness at the last second.

As Albert Einstein once said, Brajer recalled, “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency