Russian military engineers prevent Ukrainian armed units from blowing up a dam near Kharkov

15.04.2024, Moscow.

The Ukrainian armed units wanted to blow up a dam during their retreat in Kharkov Region, but their plans were thwarted by military engineers of Russia’s Sever Group of Forces, a member of an assault unit with the call sign Vin told RIA Novosti on May 15.

He said that it happened in the village of Pylnoye, where the Ukrainian military set charges on the dam but failed to detonate them, fleeing toward the village of Liptsy. When the Russian military went there, military engineers successfully cleared everything.

“To flood it and keep us from getting through and moving on. If it was blown up, we couldn’t come in here,” Vin explained the enemy’s plans.

On May 10, Russian troops began the offensive in new directions in Kharkov Region. In a few days they liberated about ten villages.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency