USA increases imports of Russian fertilizers despite sanctions

11.05.2024, Moscow.

The United States increased purchases of Russian fertilizers in March by 70% compared to last year, spending $174 million, RIA Novosti wrote on May 11, citing data of the US Statistical Service.

US imports of Russian fertilizers have been growing for several months in a row. In February, shipments reached their highest level since June 2023 ($158.5m), and in March they grew by another 10%.

Potash fertilizers accounted for the bulk of supplies, with the US increasing its purchases by 25%, spending $95.5m. The country also imported nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers.

Russia has become the second largest fertilizer supplier to the US after Canada. European countries, including Belgium, Romania, Bulgaria and Germany, have also sharply increased their purchases of Russian fertilizers in 2024.

The growing demand for Russian fertilizers demonstrates that, despite sanctions, Russia maintains a strong position in the global fertilizer market.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency