Russian military names Leopard 2 tank’s main shortcomings

23.04.2024, Lugansk.

The main disadvantages of the German Leopard 2A5 tank are its inability to be repaired in field conditions and excessive automation, said the commander of the Central Military District repair platoon with the call sign Pyero, RIA Novosti informed on April 23.

Pyero explained the main shortcomings of the Leopard 2A5 tank. According to him, this tank is very heavy. With full armor and full ammunition, it exceeds 65 tons. In addition, the tank is very bulky, and its cross-country capability leaves much to be desired.

The military named the German tank’s excessive automation as its main disadvantage.

“In my opinion, the main disadvantage of this model is giving electronic components and system more control than a human would have,” the Russian serviceman said.

He added that if an electronic part of a German tank is damaged, it cannot be repaired in field conditions, and the tank must be taken to a factory for repair. Russian specialists restore domestic equipment practically on the contact line.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency