Kurginyan tells when the USSR decided to reunite East and West Germany

12.04.2024, Moscow.

Plans to unite the German Democratic Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany were discussed as early as in 1979, because the Soviet elite had an idea to integrate the Soviet Union and Germany, the leader of the Essence of Time movement, philosopher and political scientist Sergey Kurginyan said on April 5 on the program Conversation with a Sage on the Zvezda radio station.

The political scientist told about his conversation with the last chairman of the KGB Vladimir Kryuchkov.

In 1979 we talked about reunification of Germany, and I told him that I was against the reunification of East and West Germany, and then I caught the boss’ eye – he meant Yuri Andropov – and later, when I came home, I told my wife, ‘You know, they are probably going to kill me,’” Vladimir Kryuchkov told Sergey Kurginyan.

The political scientist explained that Kryuchkov was a very courageous man, and he was not a chatterbox. So if he said something like that to his wife “he must have been under a tremendous pressure.”

Kurginyan stressed that he asked Kryuchkov in what year this conversation took place. The answer was that it took place in 1979, but not later.

In 1979 the issue of reunification of East and West Germany had been resolved for the Soviet elite, because it made its stake on dialogue between reunited Germany and the Soviet Union,” the leader of Essence of Time said.

Kryuchkov, according to Kurginyan, also told him that in 1983 Yuri Andropov, having become General Secretary of the USSR, visited First Chief Directorate of the KGB then led by Kryuchkov, and suggested that he should take all the German-Soviet affairs. Kryuchkov then rejected this offer.

Whatever office you enter, everyone is talking about the need to reunite East and West Germany. Because the future belongs to the relations between Russia and Germany,” Kryuchkov explained to Kurginyan the decision he made then.

The political scientist stressed that the USA and the UK were very reluctant to admit the reunification of Germany, because they did not benefit from its strengthening and its stronger ties with Russia.

Source: Rossa Primavera News Agency